What We Stand For

These values represent common ideals held by our generation, and will serve as the guiding light of our organization. But these ideals are just a starting point. Over the coming months and years, we’ll work together to define our progressive vision for the future. This is your movement, and we want your help in shaping its direction.

Economic Opportunity and Mobility

Economic opportunity and upward mobility have long been cornerstones of the American Dream. But over the last half century, income inequality has exploded, while upward mobility has declined by almost half.

Millennials are now the first generation in American history to have only a 50% chance of making more money than their parents — down from over 90% in 1940. It’s going to be up to us to reverse that trend, and form a new social contract for the 21st century that provides economic mobility, security, and dignity to all Americans.

Social Justice and Equality

Millennials are the most diverse and tolerant generation in American history. While we have made lots of social progress over the last decade, we know there is still a long ways to go.

We must continue this fight for equality and justice until all Americans — regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor — are protected from discrimination, persecution, and injustice.

Good Governance and Democracy

Public trust in American government and institutions amongst young people is at an all-time low, and for good reason. Money in politics, partisan gerrymandering, and voter suppression are undermining the foundations of our democracy. If we want a government that truly represents all Americans, we need to reform the underlying system that is tilted towards big donors, partisan extremists, and special interests.

Environmental Sustainability

It’s time for politicians to stop prioritizing the short-term profits of oil companies and their corporate donors over our long-term security and prosperity. Climate change is real, and our generation is going to pay the price for continued inaction. America should be leading the world towards a 100% renewable energy future, and we can create millions of good-paying jobs in the process.