The Problem We’re Solving

Political campaigns still rely on outdated tactics like cold calls, direct mail, and knocking on doors to reach young voters. This old-school approach is failing with the digital generation.
Percent of eligible voters successfully contacted by a campaign or major party in 2016:
Ages 18-30
Ages 50+

*Contact rates considers all forms of direct voter engagement from both campaigns & parties, such as email, phone calls, direct mail, SMS, house visits, etc. Young voter contact data includes registered & unregistered voters, whereas older voter contact data only includes registered voters.

Our Solution

We're arming our supporters with new tools that leverage social networks and digital communication channels to mobilize their friends and communities in elections.
Pledge to Vote Tool
Public commitments to vote are proven to increase turnout for individual voters and their friends. We're amplifying this proven tactic by plugging into social networks.
Create and share your pledge
Create your personal pledge to vote, share with your friends via social media, and convince them to pledge, too.
Measure your impact
See how many people you got to pledge, how many they referred, and how many in your circle end up voting on Election Day.
Hold your friends accountable
Connect via Facebook to see who has pledged, remind them of their commitment to vote, and make sure you all show up in mass on Election Day.
Voter Concierge
Voting can be confusing and time-consuming — especially for young voters who move around a lot. We're simplifying the process by providing a one-stop solution.
Register to vote and request absentee ballot
We make it easy to get ready for Election Day in a few minutes — double check your registration, get registered to vote, request your absentee ballot, and more.
Receive automated election reminders
Our SMS reminders make sure you never miss an important deadline for getting registered or casting your ballot.
Get real-time voting support from trained volunteers
If you run into any problems or have questions during the process, we'll be able to connect you with a trained volunteer to help get you answers quickly.
Volunteer Dashboard
Person-to-person conversations are essential to educating and turning out voters. Our digital tools make voter contact more convenient and impactful.
Message prospective voters
Once you've completed our online volunteer training, we'll connect you with other young voters who you're responsible for turning out on Election Day.
Track their progress
We make it easy to track progress as you move people through the funnel. You can see which voters pledged, referred friends, signed up to volunteer, and more.
Earn status and recognition
You'll earn points, unlock badges, and climb the leaderboard as you mobilize more voters. See if you can join the exclusive ranks of our top organizers.